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Versant Aviation English

Versant Aviation English - Practice Placer Test
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Versant Aviation English - Practice Placer Test

Are you ICAO certified yet? Make sure you're prepared for the real Versant Aviation English – Certification Test by familiarizing yourself with the test format and identifying in which areas you need to improve. Use this test to accurately measure your ability to understand and respond intelligibly in aviation phraseology and plain English at a fully-functional pace. Test sections include: Reading (Aviation Phraseology), Reading (Common English), Repeats, Short Answer Questions, Readback, Corrections and Confirmations, Story Retelling, and Open Questions.

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Score Reports include:
Score Report
  • Your score as one of 6 language level scores
  • An estimate of what your current ICAO language level may be within a confidence range*
  • A detailed explanation of your language capabilities

*Versant Aviation English – Practice Placer Tests are used for practice purposes. Versant Aviation English – Certification tests must be taken at qualified testing centers in order to qualify for ICAO certification. Contact us at for a list of certification testing centers.

How It Works

  1. Download test paper
  2. Read instructions
  3. Call phone number on test paper
  4. Enter Test Identification Number (TIN)
  5. Get score on

Purchasing Tips

  1. Speaking only tests can only be taken on the phone
  2. Tests can only be taken one time
  3. Tests expire after 3 months if not used
  4. Be sure to select the phone number location that is closeset to you