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Versant Spanish

Versant Spanish Test
Full Test Price: $39.95

Versant Spanish Test

Ensure your employees or students have the spoken Spanish skills needed to succeed at work or in school. Versant Spanish Tests can be seamlessly integrated into recruiting and promotion programs, as well as school admission and teacher credential programs. Test sections include Reading, Repeats, Opposites, Short Questions, Sentence Builds, Story Retellings, and Open Questions.

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Score Reports include:
Score Report
  • A precise overall score in the range of 20 – 80
  • Diagnostic subscores in Sentence Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Pronunciation
  • Detailed explanation of candidates’ language capabilities

How It Works

  1. Download test paper
  2. Read instructions
  3. Call phone number on test paper
  4. Enter Test Identification Number (TIN)
  5. Get score on

Purchasing Tips

  1. Speaking only tests can only be taken on the phone
  2. Tests can only be taken one time
  3. Tests expire after 3 months if not used
  4. Be sure to select the phone number location that is closeset to you